Caching DNS server

Joe C v2joecr at
Mon Jun 7 14:59:52 MDT 2010

On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 2:14 PM, Byron Clark <byron at> wrote:
> You may want to take a look at dnsmasq
> (, specifically the
> --addn-hosts option.

Thanks I didn't see that in any of my searches. That option sounds
promising as I could use it to point to a folder & then have a web app
write files to that folder to make the changes.

I wasn't set on using bind, but it was the only thing I had found so
far. Since we only have about 4 people on the network at this time
dnsmasq does sound like it would work for what we need.

Also since pfSense runs on FreeBSD I guess I could install it on to
the pfSense box if I can't get another computer to run it on.

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