Caching DNS server

Joe C v2joecr at
Mon Jun 7 14:07:04 MDT 2010

I need to setup a caching DNS server, but I need to have some
customizations made. I need to be able to tell the server that certain
domains point elsewhere.

I need to do this for a company that moves websites from one host to
another. They normally would edit the hosts file on the computer, but
that isn't compatible with installing squid on to their pfSense box.
The only solution I could think of was to make a caching DNS server &
make a web interface to allow them to change records, but since we
want to block access to certain domains, AKA porn we will need a way
to prevent people from using it to bypass security to browse porn. I
would also like to be able to undo the changes either after a period
of time or by clicking on a hyperlink. I will also want the system to
record who made the change(s) & when they made the change(s) to DNS
for a domain.

>From what I've found bind is the recommended application, but I
couldn't find anyone doing anything like this before. So I was
wondering if anyone had any ideas or if you are able to come up with a
better google search then I have.

I plan on running the DNS server behind the firewall since I don't see
any need for the rest of the Internet to see the DNS that the server
spits out.

We are using OpenDNS to filter our DNS, so I plan to use the following
URL for information on at least part of this.

So far I can find a way to do at least a part of the solution, but I
don't have any idea how to go about editing the DNS on the caching

I've spent several hours trying to use google & nothing I've found
went any further then setting up bind as the caching DNS server.

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