mac vs linux - special chars in filenames

Stephen Ward sjward at
Fri Jul 30 17:20:24 MDT 2010

> Basically, it sounds like you're using UTF-8, which uses multi-byte
> sequences for some characters.  Unfortunately, there are different
> multi-byte sequences that can appear as the same character, so
> somewhere along the line the sequence in your filenames got changed.
> A byte-comparison shows them to be different even though they look the
> same.  In this case, it looks like the solution is adding
> --iconv=UTF-8,UTF8-MAC to your rsync command.

I have a feeling this is going to be the solution.  Unfortunately, the
built-in version of rsync (version 2.6.9) doesn't seem to support the iconv
flag.  I'll try getting a newer version of rsync on there and try again.

Thanks, Levi.


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