mac vs linux - special chars in filenames

Stephen Ward sjward at
Thu Jul 29 21:35:25 MDT 2010

I'm not sure I know enough terminology to properly ask this question, so
please bear with me.  Here goes.

I have a few thousand music files on my Linux server.  Many of those files
and folders contain "special" characters in the file names (such as 'ñ').
 No big deal, right?

I recently acquired a MacBook and am wanting to make a copy of all of that
music on the mac.  Since the collection of music continually changes over
time, I naturally decided that rsync was going to be the best way to keep
the music on the mac up to date (the Linux server has the master copy).

So I ran (essentially) the following command in a terminal on the mac:

rsync --delete -Prvlt servername::music/ ~/Music

I let it go for the requisite long time and it finally finished.  Hooray, my
entire music collection is with me wherever I go with the mac!

Now here's the problem.  When I sync again later, rsync deletes all of the
files and folders that contained special characters in the filename and
re-downloads them.  It's as though at some level, rsync doesn't see my local
filenames as matching the remote ones, even though it was rsync that created
the local filenames in the first place.

I'm using the default filesystem in Mac OS 10.6, and on the Linux server
it's ext3 with utf8 as the default NLS option.  Any ideas?  I'm at a loss.


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