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On 7/16/2010 4:59 PM, Levi Pearson wrote:
> What makes you think anyone here loves Darl McBride?  At most, I
> imagine some people here respect him as a person who has made some
> poor decisions regarding lawsuits.  I imagine a lot of people dislike
> him almost as much as you seem to.

I don't have any respect for Darl McBride. He took a company, rather
reputable in the Linux and Unix world, and destroyed it. Not only that,
but his previous history has shown that he does not know how to run a

I would, however, like to know what he is doing now, post-SCO, and if
his hatred for IBM and the Linux kernel is still strong, or if he's
doesn't care, now that he doesn't have the slightest path to the Unix

On the flip, he brought thousands upon thousands of GNU, BSD, Linux and
others together, and brought these operating system more to the
spotlight than they had ever reached previously.

Should we thank him or hate him? A forum with him might answer that
question. A forum with RMS, however, wouldn't be much interest to me.
Nor ESR. John "maddog" Hall, maybe. Bruce Perens, maybe. Linus Torvalds,
definitely. Alan Cox, for sure. Stormy Peters, Mark Shuttleworth, Jim
Whitehurst, and more. I, personally, like discussion forums.

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