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> PS  I am still printing on my HP LaserJet 4P printer but NOT
>     from Linux.

OOPS!  I think I said I could print only from Linux. I can only
print from Windows.  In fairness I cannot lay complete blame on
the hardware vendor.  Their Linux code for their PCI parallel
card probably originally compiled and worked on Linux.  The
problem is that the changes to Linux are revolutionary rather
evolutionary.  How is ANY hardware vendor supposed to keep up
with that?  How are they supposed to keep up with even just
ONE distro?  But one printer filter that worked replaced by
twelve that MAY work?  I don't define that as progress.

I can remember when I could get Knoppix to do great and
wonderful things.  The last time I tried to use it neither the
original STD nor the latest and greatest would allow me to go
in and modify a Windows XP system to get rid of the password
password lock (SATA disk).  We finally installed Windows XP Home
over Windows XP Pro.  If you start to read the reviews on
Knoppix you see that most of the stuff they say you can do can
not be done in the latest book with the latest version.  That
is what I found to be the case.

I have similar problems with Brasero not working on both
OpenSuse 11.2 and Ubuntu 10.04. The only solace is that Nero 8
also doesn't work on GandalfTW running Windows XP Pro. So maybe
the DVD drive really is defective and needs to be replaced. The
only thing that works is Nero 6 on Sauron running Windows XP
Home. The problem is, Sauron is running OpenSuse 11.2 which is my
flagship OS. But if Nero 6 works on it and Brasero doesn't what
in the world is going wrong?  On Fedora 3, I had not only one but
TWO CD / DVD creators and BOTH OF THEM worked.  And unlike
Brasero I could change the label and they didn't change it to
SHOUT at me.  I couldn't even change the disk label with Brasero.
So I put up with Sauron's OpenSuse 11.2 being out of the loop
when I created the 25 CDs of LDS Temple Pictures I give to people
every year. It is very difficult for a rational human being to
understand why this is happening.  Where did things go wrong?

I think you need to understand that Google employees are flocking
not to Linux but Macinstosh despite its embedded spying.  Why?
They want to get rid of these problems of things not working with
Linux.  By now I assume it is common knowledge that to run
Windows at Google you need CIO approval.  What a contrast to me
asking them if Google Earth would be provided on Linux and
being told no.  Now even Chrome works on Linux.

I can remember it was a problem of no hardware vendor support
but I must tell you that my PCI Parallel board Windows install
actually used a mini Linux to do the install!  And their code will
no longer compile on my two versions of Linux?  Whose fault is
this?  People writing the software need to think once, twice,
and then thrice.  I can remember the early efforts where the
guy took out my mount points for my FAT32 and floppies in
Fedora 3.  If he had used Sun Solaris or AIX the concept of
static (left alone) and dynamic (they are his babies) mount
tables would have created a much better solution.  Again we
have a case of revolution instead of evolution.

Why am I running OpenSuse 11.2 on Sauron where I intended to
install Ubuntu 9.x?  Because when I went to install it the Ubuntu
install couldn't see the second disk that I had set aside for it
and DesktopBSD.  Why does GandalfTW have 10.04 instead of 9.x?
Because 9.x did not support my new VH242HL-P Asus monitor.  We have
all gone through it.  At least with Ubuntu, lesson learned.  Do
not try it unless the partitions are on the prime disk.  But it
was an eye opener since things worked on Fedora, RHEL and in
other Linux distros on a second disk.


I will tell you where I think things went wrong.  Darl McBride
came along and sued.  This put the business managers out of the
loop. No business I know wants to stick their heads out on the
chopping block in that situation. IBM doesn't care who they pay
the royalties to for SYSV because they already have to do it for
AIX.  But I still don't see a POS from IBM running on Linux. It
runs on AIX.  They have Linux running on top of AIX.

Instead of standardization we have a fractured movement that is
under the control of geeks that view the OS as an end itself.
Most people don't view things that way.  They want something
that just gets the job done.  That is why my friend who works for
BYU controlling both Windows and Linux servers said Linux isn't
ready for the desktop.  What is he using at home?  Windows XP Pro.
He dismissed Vista out-right.  He knows he needs something else
soon.  But after this experience with Brasero how should I
advise him?  The DVD-RW drives worked just fine in doing the
installs of two operating systems per machine.  How would you
advise him?  I am leaning towards telling him to upgrade to
Windows 7 Pro but also to install OpenSuse 11.2  But when he
tries to burn a disk or go send a print-out to the printer
(and my worked just fine with Fedora 3 with a motherboard
that had a parallel port) and it fails, how long do you think
he will put up with it?

I don't know about the rest of you people but after seeing just
how wonderful Astaro has become (it is much more than just a
firewall now) I DESPERATELY WANT LINUX TO SUCCEED!  Whether you
like Richard Stallman or not, the GPL stands there as a bulwark
to allow Linux and my filters to exist.  Not only that, Mike
Burgess (MVPHosts) has been delivered with papers (SUED).  He
is using the Creative Commons license.  What am I using?  THE
NO!  What is one of the philosophies of Richard Stallman?  That
just because you are poor you shouldn't be pissed on and told
you don't have any value as a human being.  If that goes counter
to you people's philosophy I don't want anything to do with you.
And that is infinitely more important than Darl McBride, Linux
or anything else.  Now you are going against not just my
religion but Buddhism, Christianity in general, Islam, and

It just seems rife in this area in this area to look down your
noses on the poor and I am getting pissed off as hell with it.
Greg was right.  Take me off your subscription list.

Henry Hertz Hobbit

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