Daniel C. dcrookston at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 15:23:40 MDT 2010

On Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 2:34 PM, Henry Hertz Hobbit
<hhhobbit at securemecca.com> wrote:
> I am considering unsubscribing.

Talk is for the weak - strong men take action.  Don't let this become
another in your long line of unsubstantiated threats, Mr. Hertz.  Show
us you mean business!  Leave this list.  We will miss you - we'll weep
and wail and gnash our teeth.  Every one of us will spend weeks in
anguish, searching our souls for the answer to the question - "What
could I have done differently?  How could I have kept dear Henry on my
mailing list?"  But no, good H.H.H., you are done with us.  You are
too good for the PLUG mailing list.  Though our hearts are breaking
already, you must leave us.

It's for our own good, really.  How can we grow beyond our current,
juvenile state without the heartbreak of your departure to spur us
into introspection?  We cannot!  Nothing short of the searing,
intimate pain that accompanies a hole in our collective hearts - a
hole that your laughter, your wit and fine, handsome looks once filled
- can lead us to the make the changes in ourselves that we so
desperately need.

So go, Mr. Hertz.  Leave us to our turmoil.  It will be painful, but
it's for the best.  It really is.

Mr. Daniel Crookston

(I also look forward to Stuart's response to the original email.)

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