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Ryan Simpkins plug at
Thu Jul 15 10:58:15 MDT 2010

Wow, something somewhere messed this up. Trimming to the relevant portion.

On Thu, July 15, 2010 10:53, Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> PLUG is at its best when we have local content experts showing off their
> latest trickery. Usually less than 15 people show up because they tend to be
> very specialized topics. Every now and then we just don't have the presenters
> to fill the schedule, and so we do something a little off-topic. Depending on
> the person/topic the "core" members might not come, but 50 people will show up
> who have never been to a PLUG meeting before. There are multiple demographics
> in the group, and not everyone is going to think that every meeting is
> interesting, relevant, worth attending, or valid.
> I need some help securing interesting local presenters. If we can get one
> every month, then I will schedule other "special interest" meetings on a
> different day. Would anyone like to nominate/volunteer someone to take on the
> role of PLUG Officer, who's chief role will be to fill the second Wednesday of
> every month with a local technical presenter? This is one of those positions
> where by doing it, you become in charge of it by default. Where is Jayce^ when
> you need his magic ninja Vulcan mind-meld brain twist to make someone do
> something without them knowing it? I'm more direct. I nominate Levi. ;-)
> In August we will have Brad Midgley talking about WebGL. I am working with
> some contacts at Dell try to to get one of their Linux experts to do a more
> systems oriented meeting in either September or October. I'm working on more
> too. Beyond that, things are looking thin. It helps a great deal when we can
> schedule 1-3 months out so that presenters have time to put together a great
> presentation for the group.
> -Ryan

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