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Ryan Simpkins plug at
Thu Jul 15 10:53:23 MDT 2010

On Thu, July 15, 2010 10:04, Levi Pearson wrote:
>> On 07/14/2010 04:21 PM, Levi Pearson wrote:
>>> Seriously guys, this is a USERS group.  Neither McBride nor Stallman would
have anything useful to say about USING Linux.  One of them is out to make
a buck, and happened to end up on the wrong side of a lawsuit.  The other
is the leader of a social/political movement, and seems to be only really
interested in advocating that movement.
> I'd love to hear him talk about his MIT AI Lab days and how the Lisp
Machines there worked.  I'd love to hear him talk about the
> development of emacs and how he uses it today.  I'd love to hear about how
he was involved in developing gcc and the technical details about how it's
put together (I've actually had to fix a bad port of gcc to an embedded
platform I was using, so something like that would have been very useful to
me at one point).  I'd love to hear him talk about any of the cool things he
might have done if he hadn't dedicated his life to lecturing and advocating
about Free Software.  I really doubt he'd talk to a group about any of that
stuff.  He'd talk about Free Software and why he believes it's so important.
 That's fine that he's passionate about that now, but I don't really care
and I don't think it's particularly relevant to helping people get stuff
done with Linux or their computers in general.

PLUG is at its best when we have local content experts showing off their
latest trickery. Usually less than 15 people show up because they tend to be
very specialized topics. Every now and then we just don't have the presenters
to fill the schedule, and so we do something a little off-topic. Depending on
the person/topic the "core" members might not come, but 50 people will show up
who have never been to a PLUG meeting before. There are multiple demographics
in the group, and not everyone is going to think that every meeting is
interesting, relevant, worth attending, or valid.

I need some help securing interesting local presenters. If we can get one
every month, then I will schedule other "special interest" meetings on a
different day. Would anyone like to nominate/volunteer someone to take on the
role of PLUG Officer, who's chief role will be to fill the second Wednesday of
every month with a local technical presenter? This is one of those positions
where by doing it, you become in charge of it by default. Where is Jayce^ when
you need his magic ninja Vulcan mind-meld brain twist to make someone do
something without them knowing it? I'm more direct. I nominate Levi. ;-)

In August we will have Brad Midgley talking about WebGL. I am working with
some contacts at Dell try to to get one of their Linux experts to do a more
systems oriented meeting in either September or October. I'm working on more
too. Beyond that, things are looking thin. It helps a great deal when we can
schedule 1-3 months out so that presenters have time to put together a great
presentation for the group.


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