Darl McBride [Was Re: July Meeting Ideas?]

alpheus.madsen at juno.com alpheus.madsen at juno.com
Thu Jul 15 10:16:42 MDT 2010

> 2. Still using Windows?  Then shift from IE to ANY OTHER browser
> and I would recommend Google Chrome or Opera.  There went the
> problem here because these hosts use an ActiveX exploit.  That
> problem only exists with IE.  Guess what 70% of the world uses
> to head out to the Internet with on a normal desktop system?
> IE!  Not only that, you can only pay Provo City on-line with,
> drum roll please ... IE!  I have to acknowledge the realities
> that exist.  As a wise person once said, do all you can about
> the things you can have an affect on and ignore everything
> else you have no control over.

While I'm sure there are some things that you need IE to do, it turns out that paying Provo City on-line doesn't have to be one of them.  But then, I pay them indirectly, through Mountain America Bill Pay.  I have found using a Bill Pay system like this to be very convenient, because I could go to one place to pay almost all my bills; on the other hand, I don't know how many banks or credit unions offer this service...so that's yet another facet of reality that others would have to consider!

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