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Henry Hertz Hobbit hhhobbit at securemecca.com
Thu Jul 15 02:34:42 MDT 2010

On 07/14/2010 03:41 PM, Merrill Oveson wrote:
> I read the wikipedia article...
> Now, correct me if I'm wrong.
> SCO is going along and decides to sue IBM.  Novell steps in a says
> "you can't sue IBM you don't own the copyrights in the first place."
> So SCO sues Novell.  SCO loses and is ordered to pay Novell 2.5
> million.
> It seems SCO might still be in business if they had not decided to sue
> IBM or Novell.
> So you might say Mr. McBride drove SCO right into the ground.
> Mr McBride has a terrible track record.  I can't imagine anyone hiring
> him to ever run a business again.

I cannot understand anybody hiring him again either.  I guess
you can give him a chance for a third strike since this is only
his second. The main gist of my comments on him are:

1. He contends I pay him $800 for each copy of Linux I am using?
Currently I have two, but that isn't the point.  Here is the
current pricing for Windows 7:


Is he on the same planet the rest of us are on?  Even the top
price for Windows 7 Ultimate (the only thing I would consider
since adding French and Spanish support which you can hot swap
to as necessary is added for a trifling extra $20) is only $320.
$800 for Linux versus $320 for the latest and greatest Microsoft
desktop offering?  WHICH PLANET IS HE FROM?  PLUTO!?  I am
sorry, but Pluto is no longer classified as a planet by

2. My comments about the loops and other constructs point out
that sometimes what is needed to be done frequently makes
people come up with code that looks similar. Person one gets
his training at an advanced science oriented high school in
NYC and goes to MIT.  Person 2 received her normal school
training in Martinique and then goes on to perhaps the University
of Tolouse in France.  Don't complain - I know somebody at that
University. That it is NOT the point - Tolouse is not known as a
techie University. Yet there are times when you need to write
the code to create for example the SHA-512 check sum or
something else where the constraints of what you are doing
would make BOTH of these very different people (one thinks in
Americain and the other en Français, one is male and one is
female) code look almost identical because it is constrained by
what you are doing.  I have worked with MILLIONS of lines of
code and have at times put out over 1000 lines of debugged code
per day.  How much code has Darl McBride worked with?  But even
a judge and some off the shelf people (the jury) aren't even
convinced that it is the great code rip-off that McBride
claims happened.  But even before we get there Novell weighs
in and says, hold on there pardner! We didn't sell you that!
He is asking $800 per copy for something his company didn't
even own in the first place?  I can only conclude from his
example that BYU needs to stop teaching religion and start
teaching ethics instead.

3. I do not know him personally, nor do I know what he is like
but my arguments are not because of anything he has done or not
done.  Read on if you want to know more about me but I am
definitively NOT your normal Linux user.  I am a computer and
network security analyst that just happens to use Linux most
of the time.

------------------  TAP THE DELETE BUTTON NOW ------------------

I am writing an even longer reply so people know where I stand
but you need to know that as a filter provider:


I work closely with all of the following people and many

Mike Burgess of Pennsylvania (MVPHosts)

Airelle of Strasbourg, France:
(He speaks, reads and writes in French, German, English,
and Latin)

Rodney of Seattle Washington
(no web site yet - analyzes malware IP clusters & trends)

Steven Burn of the UK (close to Oxford)

ALL OF THEM ARE WINDOWS ONLY PEOPLE!  I don't have any problem
working with them.  When Rodney sends me his XLS files I just
extract what I want with strings (try it some time). They are
all trying to make people's computing safer.  So am I.  But
for an example of how deep my thinking goes, see this URL:


Scroll down to where it says DNSWCDs 1/3.  The hosts at these
IP addresses may or may not be dangerous now.  They really
look like the grave-yard for what they are similarly to the
xorg.pl domain.  All I know is that I cannot coax the malware
out of them and probably can't with anything except IE on
Windows.  But since I have had to back-roll from IE-8 to IE-7
I am NOT GOING TO GO AT THEM WITH IE-7 even with Fiddler!  The
back rolling was NOT WHAT I WANTED!  I had no problems with
IE-8! I was a happy camper for the things I had to do with it.
But everybody that uses my stuff has had to back-roll from
IE-8 to IE-7. Look at the solutions for this problem I provide
in this very long section though.

1. Use Linux or Macintosh - problem solved.  They are immune to
all Windows malware.  None of the browsers that work on these
operating systems know what to do with ActiveX anyway so they
ignore it.  In the past I have gone in and altered the Firefox
browser with a hex editor on Linux to identify itself as IE
and the OS as W2K but it still cannot run ActiveX.  I think
you know where this is headed for the next solution.

2. Still using Windows?  Then shift from IE to ANY OTHER browser
and I would recommend Google Chrome or Opera.  There went the
problem here because these hosts use an ActiveX exploit.  That
problem only exists with IE.  Guess what 70% of the world uses
to head out to the Internet with on a normal desktop system?
IE!  Not only that, you can only pay Provo City on-line with,
drum roll please ... IE!  I have to acknowledge the realities
that exist.  As a wise person once said, do all you can about
the things you can have an affect on and ignore everything
else you have no control over.

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