SCO rises from the dead (again)

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Fri Jul 9 09:34:16 MDT 2010

How can they afford this?  Are even producing a nickel of revenue?

In my mind, the lawyers for SCO are providing bad legal advice if they
are advising their client to continue.
(Of course, the lawyers have a vested interest...)

On Fri, Jul 9, 2010 at 6:37 AM, Charles Curley
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> SCO rises from the dead (again)
> New trial, please
> By Cade Metz in San Francisco • Get more from this author
> Posted in Software, 8th July 2010 17:12 GMT
> SCO has risen from the grave. Again.
> On June 10, US judge Ted Stewart ruled that Novell does indeed own the
> UNIX copyrights the The SCO Group so vehemently laid claim to, ending a
> six-year legal battle between the two. But, yes, SCO has now appealed
> Stewart's judgment, according to those dogged SCO-watchers at Groklaw.
> Though Stewart upheld a jury decision in favor of Novell and rejected
> SCO's application to have the case reheard, SCO has now asked the
> United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit to hear the case
> and overturn Stewart's ruling. And if that doesn't happen, SCO wants,
> yes, a new trial.
> I think I'm getting motion sickness.
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