cannot mount file system?

D p-collector at
Sun Jan 31 16:09:55 MST 2010

I just got a new netbook. It comes w/ win7 starter, and I wanted to dual 
boot with linux. So I used windows to shrink the partition by 40 Gb and 
installed grub and a kernel in there as well as the starting of a gentoo 
install.  But when I boot that kernel, it dies saying it could not mount 
the root file system. I'm at a loss to figure it out. The partition is 
/dev/sda4 with grub installed on (hd0). The partition is formatted as 
XFS and I have XFS support compiled into the kernel (not module, built 
in). I'm not using an init ram disk.

The kernel seems to see the disk as it shows four partitions when it 
dies. I have no idea whats up.

Any help is appreciated. FYI the kernel's command line is:

kernel /boot/vmlinuz- root=/dev/sda4 ro


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