socket 939 nforce4 max ram?

Mr Ritter plug at
Wed Jan 27 22:14:42 MST 2010

On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 8:04 PM, Nicholas Leippe <nick at> wrote:

> I have an asus a8n-e board, which is socket 939 with an nforce4
> chipset, with an athlon 64 x2 cpu.
> Does anyone know by experience what the maximum ram supported would be?
> Yes, I have the product manual, and yes, I've googled. A lot in fact.
> I can find nowhere that definitively states the maximum ram an athlon
> 64 x2 in a socket 939 configuration supports (which is DDR1).
> Some places say it's a limitation of the motherboard (eg they did not
> use all the address lines or something--some Intel 815 chipset boards
> were limited in this way iirc), yet others, (which I believe) state
> it's up to the CPU because the memory controller is on the CPU.
> There are some socket 939 motherboards that claim 8GB ram support
> (several Tyans that I know of, some even up to 16GB).
> Most say 4GB.
> The Asus manual for the A8N-e claims up to 4GB (in 1GB modules).
> In my experience, it is often true that motherboard manuals only claim
> support for the maximum ram modules in production at the time of
> writing--thus it very well might support 2GB modules.
> I found no information in the nforce4 literature mentioning any ram
> limitations for socket 939 support--only for the Intel variants (since
> the memory controller is in the chipset for those).
> Thus my question--does anyone know how much ram it might actually support?

I read through the BIOS updates etc, and I don't see anything to indicate
support for more than 4x 1GB modules.  I'd be rather sure thats the max
you're going to get.  Even if your chipsets are capable it'd require a BIOS
update to make use of it.  They mentioned support for some newer CPUs, but
nothing regarding larger memory modules or larger max memory.

That's just my opinion of what information I could find.


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