Freetype and adobe patents question

Jeff Moyes ml at
Tue Jan 26 12:25:33 MST 2010


>>  go gadget google!

>  So it looks like the problem patents were from Apple, not Adobe, so
>  unless they have expired also, then no we cannot use the full byte-code
>  interpreter hinting mechanism in freetype legally.

My bad - it was Apple -  not Adobe. (Mental error when typing the 
email). The patents mentioned in the link Stuart provided are the very 
ones in question. I did google them the other day and found the page 
that Stuart mentions, and several others like it - but all written 
several years ago mentioning that the patents are in force.  Patents 
have a terms of 17 years I think - so the 3 key Apple patents (issued in 
1989 and 1992) should have all expired by 2009 - ___I think___.

Since I couldn't find any definitive answer online I figured the greater 
minds of the PLUG Collective might shed light on it. Does anybody know 
about patents? After 17 years are they gone - like completely gone? No 
chances that Apple might have got an "extension" or anything?


Jeff Moyes

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