looking for used pci-x motherboard

Jeff Moyes ml at mindstormdevelopment.com
Mon Jan 25 13:06:30 MST 2010


Sorry to repeat this request - but I can't find the email answer I 
recieved. A number of months ago I posted to the list to see if anybody 
might have some motherboards with pci-x slots they didn't need anymore. 
I remember I got a reply from someone who said he had about 10 actually 
(lots of different CPU support between them all).  But for the life of 
me I can't find the reply anymore.  So I'm sending out the request again 
in the hopes that whoever it was from the list that answered will have 
mercy on my space-case-iness and answer again. (Or if anybody else has 
an m-board with pci-x they have but don't need anymore, you can also 
answer).  ;)

Thanks everyone,

Jeff Moyes

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