tricky booting challenge

Richard Holden aciddeath at
Fri Jan 22 20:40:57 MST 2010

Scott Jones wrote:
> I have a unique boot situation that requires help. Here's the situation:
> The problem is that with this one old drive with compressed 98se, it will
> only boot up if it is posititioned as hdd 1 in the system. I can't have it
> as the secondary drive or as primary with the other as 2ndary. I'd like to
> figure out how to get grub to 'see' the compressed drive and boot it up, and
> include it as a boot option, so that both physical drives along with all 3
> OS's installed are accessible and bootable.
> Is this possible with GRUB2? or with just GRUB?

You may be able to use the chainloader features of GRUB to do this. If I
 remember correctly there is a way to tell grub to hide the other drive
from the OS/BIOS.

-Richard Holden

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