tricky booting challenge

Scott Jones sanchiro at
Fri Jan 22 16:00:28 MST 2010

I have a unique boot situation that requires help. Here's the situation:

My mother has an old hdd that has win 98se installed on it, with
Doublespace/Drivespace compression active, and 1 program that she can't live
without. It's a program whose author has vanished and which will continue to
run on that hdd but doesn't appear transferable to another drive. I have
tried to find the registry entries for this program but can't get regedit to
load. Is there some other registry tool for 98se that is employed?

I finally found my old 98se original install disk and was able to get
networking installed and then to upgrade the other components that weren't
working. I installed the hdd in another machine, which also has a hdd with
ubuntu 9.10 and xp pro installed and bootable via grub.

The problem is that with this one old drive with compressed 98se, it will
only boot up if it is posititioned as hdd 1 in the system. I can't have it
as the secondary drive or as primary with the other as 2ndary. I'd like to
figure out how to get grub to 'see' the compressed drive and boot it up, and
include it as a boot option, so that both physical drives along with all 3
OS's installed are accessible and bootable.

Is this possible with GRUB2? or with just GRUB?


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