Recommended OpenVPN Setup

Corey Edwards tensai at
Thu Jan 21 12:02:10 MST 2010

Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
> TCP or UDP?
> UDP is usually better. No need to layer TCP over TCP.

I had a user at a hospital which only allowed tcp/80 and tcp/443. To get
the user online I had to set up a TCP daemon listening on 443. It worked
and I've left it running just in case. The biggest drawback is that I
have to run separate daemons for UDP and TCP. Not a deal breaker but
slightly annoying.

> For Windows, we use the exe that comes with the driver, OpenVPN and
> GUI all wrapped into one.  For Macs, we use TunnelBlick.

I've got it working on Window Mobile. The secret was to embed the
certificate in the config file.

> For Linux,
> we use... well it's distro specific :)  I can *almost* get
> NetworkManager to work with my ca, cert, key and password.  Maybe it
> works now; I haven't tried in a while.

I got NetworkManager to work with my VPN, at least briefly. I ended up
abandoning NetworkManager entirely because it couldn't work quite how I


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