Recommended OpenVPN Setup

Michael Torrie torriem at
Thu Jan 21 01:30:14 MST 2010

Dave Smith wrote:
> I am the de facto sysadmin at my company of 6 people. We have several 
> Windows users who want to be able to access our office network from home 
> (Samba server, Subversion repository, some web apps, etc). I tried the 
> Linksys RV042 with their pile-of-steaming-junk QuickVPN client, and it 
> failed miserably. It killed our bandwidth and QuickVPN doesn't work on 
> Windows 7 64-bit.
> So I want to install OpenVPN on one of our Suse boxes, forward the 
> necessary traffic to it through our Comcast cable modem, and be happy.
> Has anyone set this up with Windows clients? Care to share what you did? 
> Did you use the OpenVPN windows GUI, or Windows' built-in client? What 
> tutorial did you follow to setup the server?

I'll be happy to share my server configs with you if you want.  I have
two configs running on different ports; one is TLS-based, and primarily
used to tie my family's wireless routers together, and the other is
password-based, used for laptops.

On Windows I just install the OpenVPN win32 gui which wraps openvpn and
makes sure that the windows tuntap driver is installed.  I then drop a
config file (I can share that with you as well) and my certificate
authority public certificate in the OpenVPN program folder.  Then it's
just a right-click on a tray icon and select connect/disconnect.  Works
quite nicely.  Depending on how you set up the conf file on the client
(and how your server is set up) it will route all traffic through the
vpn, or just the nets behind your vpn.

I'm not in a position to access my config files right this minute but I
can post them in a day or two.


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