Recommended OpenVPN Setup

Dave Smith dave at
Wed Jan 20 21:30:45 MST 2010

I am the de facto sysadmin at my company of 6 people. We have several 
Windows users who want to be able to access our office network from home 
(Samba server, Subversion repository, some web apps, etc). I tried the 
Linksys RV042 with their pile-of-steaming-junk QuickVPN client, and it 
failed miserably. It killed our bandwidth and QuickVPN doesn't work on 
Windows 7 64-bit.

So I want to install OpenVPN on one of our Suse boxes, forward the 
necessary traffic to it through our Comcast cable modem, and be happy.

Has anyone set this up with Windows clients? Care to share what you did? 
Did you use the OpenVPN windows GUI, or Windows' built-in client? What 
tutorial did you follow to setup the server?

Thanks in advance.


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