Poignant word about backing data up...

Scott Jones sanchiro at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 16:24:47 MST 2010

Some of you who read Linux Journal may be aware of Shawn Powers, Editor and
his tech-tip videos.

He lost his home yesterday to a terrible fire. His family survived, but none
of his pets. I am betting, but can't yet confirm, that his DATA was backed
up locally, as well as offsite.

Daniel Crookston's note about photo backup drew my consciousness to Mr.
Power's fate and big rebuilding project. He notes that the problem with his
fire may be due to power cabling that fed into his home and server room. The
investigation is ongoing, but it's caused me to step back and examine how my
office wiring is setup, whether I am creating and potential problems and
figuring out how to better configure things to assure safety.

If you feel blessed by Shawn and his efforts, drop by LinuxJouranl or his
web at www.brainofshawn.com to follow his situation or to pitch in and help


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