photo backup solution?

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Mon Jan 18 15:41:26 MST 2010

On 18 Jan 2010, at 15:32, Daniel C. wrote:

> I've started taking a lot of photographs recently, and I'd like to
> have a place to back them up.  I'm considering a few things:
> - An external USB drive.  The computer I use to process them is a
> laptop, so if I don't want to set up a file server it's got to be USB.
> Doesn't have to be powered via USB though.  The pro here is that,
> should I take a trip overseas, I can pick this up and bring it with
> me.  Also it means I don't have to go with #2 which is...
> - Actually get the beast in the other room up and running, then put a
> RAID array in it and use that as a backup.  Pros: No single point of
> failure, Cons: Probably more expensive, definitely more time
> consuming, and there's no way I'm going to ship it to whatever sandy,
> war-torn country I get sent to.
> - Mozy.

Mozy is decent, but slow.

Time Machine is great (but only for Mac users).

rsync is brilliant.

Picasa is an excellent solution, but the backup is online and you need to pay for a subscription if are storing more than a couple of GB.  They have a Linux version of their software:

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