photo backup solution?

Daniel C. dcrookston at
Mon Jan 18 15:32:43 MST 2010

I've started taking a lot of photographs recently, and I'd like to
have a place to back them up.  I'm considering a few things:

- An external USB drive.  The computer I use to process them is a
laptop, so if I don't want to set up a file server it's got to be USB.
 Doesn't have to be powered via USB though.  The pro here is that,
should I take a trip overseas, I can pick this up and bring it with
me.  Also it means I don't have to go with #2 which is...
- Actually get the beast in the other room up and running, then put a
RAID array in it and use that as a backup.  Pros: No single point of
failure, Cons: Probably more expensive, definitely more time
consuming, and there's no way I'm going to ship it to whatever sandy,
war-torn country I get sent to.
- Mozy.

Does anyone have other ideas?


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