SparkFun Free Day

Lance Grover lance.grover at
Tue Jan 12 20:07:22 MST 2010

Awsome!  I didn't get one from free day but I did just order mine
today, can't wait for my blinking led!


On 1/12/10, Matthew Walker <mwalker at> wrote:
> It BLINKS! Muahaha!
> (Got my Arduino today, and I have an LED blinking. Woo.)
> Setting up the dev tools on Gentoo was minorly annoying, but not too bad.
> There's only
> one 'hack' in the process, and that's just a symlink to make it find the
> libtools stuff
> it needs.
> I'm pretty excited about this. More than is really sensible. But gosh darn
> it, I've
> always wanted to get into robotics and embedded electronics, and now I can
> finally play
> with it without too much expenditure. :) If someone does an arduino talk at
> a meeting, I
> might even have to show up.
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