Network Control

Joe C v2joecr at
Fri Jan 8 09:57:01 MST 2010

Well since no one has mentioned this yet & most of the computers are
Windows XP, I have a random idea. The Windows Live Essentials" over at has a Family Safety part that you can
install on the Windows XP computers. If they are not allowed onto the
Linux box that could cover the network. I haven't used it personally,
I just know it exists because I saw what I could install when I
installed "Windows Live Writer" to make blogging easier for me.

The other solution I've used which was entirely Windows based as the
Linux installers sucked back then, for someone who knew almost nothing
about Linux, the early 90's IIRC. I'd setup a domain controller, then
I'd add all of the computers to the domain, then all of the
individuals accounts would be setup that they have to be connected to
the network to login, then after doing that I could setup time
restrictions on when they could login & also deny access to certain
programs on the computer, I always turned off the useless feature of
"Use simple file sharing (Recommended)" so that I would have access to
the more advanced controls after XP finally came out. I had been doing
it for many years by the time Windows XP came out. The thing that
sucks about that method is it is not cheap, but I had other people
paying so I didn't care at the time.

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> On Thu, 2010-01-07 at 20:09 -0700, Shane Hathaway wrote:
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