Network Control

Brandon Stout bms at
Thu Jan 7 14:22:00 MST 2010

On 01/07/2010 01:14 PM, Robert Merrill wrote:

> EVERYONE's home network usage if one person proves to go outside
> prescribed and pre-agreed boundaries. For example, if it's discovered
> through logs or other means that computer usage was too high or
> through parental-educational measurement-reporting tools (report
> cards) it is discovered that grades were too low, prescribed
> punishment is that the WHOLE HOUSE goes offline for some period of
> time depending on the case.

I personally don't like punishing the whole family for one persons
actions.  It's a Nazzi tactic.  One person escapes from camp, you kill
that person and a few random others.  My home is not a Nazzi
concentration camp.  I remember when I was young every child would be
punished if nobody fessed up to something.  I wont even do that.  Maybe
it works in the military, but I won't have it in my home.

My two cents.


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