Network Control

Robert Merrill robertmerrill at
Thu Jan 7 13:14:38 MST 2010

On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 12:40 PM, Wade Preston Shearer
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> On Thursday, January 07, 2010, at 11:29AM, "Grant Shipley" <gshipley at> wrote:
>>Call me old fashion but .... what about just trusting them to follow the
>>rules?  If they break the rules, just take the computer away for a period of

Interesting. One way to enforce this may be to simply restrict
EVERYONE's home network usage if one person proves to go outside
prescribed and pre-agreed boundaries. For example, if it's discovered
through logs or other means that computer usage was too high or
through parental-educational measurement-reporting tools (report
cards) it is discovered that grades were too low, prescribed
punishment is that the WHOLE HOUSE goes offline for some period of
time depending on the case.  This can include TV, video game machines
(take power cords and batteries in portables), cell phones, and
disable/take the router. This will punish you and your spouse maybe
and others in the home, too, but it will powerfully bring home the
fact that, in any community, when someone breaks agreed rules, we all
do suffer.

Afterall, is there ANYTHING in the world more persuasive to a 12
year-old boy than his 10 and 14yr old brothers threatening to "punch
you in the face" if they break the rules again?

Furthermore, are there possible positive reinforcement that can be
enabled for good/constructive things? The troubleshooting example
previously is cool... is there bonus points for being able to solve
complex problems and prove you're learning (not just geeking out)?

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