Network Control

Brandon Stout bms at
Thu Jan 7 10:52:08 MST 2010

On 01/07/2010 10:26 AM, Lee Higginson wrote:

> This reminds me of my brother in law who when he was 15 his parents took
> away the computer power cable to revoke his access to the computer which was
> in the basement.  He used the computer happily for a few weeks without his
> parents knowing, then his dad decided to give his access back and went down
> to reconnect the power cable and was busted because he didn't remove his
> power cable.  I wouldn't doubt the ability of 12+ age kids to work around
> simple things like power.  :)

My oldest is 12.  I have been thinking it's time to teach some
troubleshooting skills.  However, he's already demonstrated he has
them.  Apparently I don't need to teach him, he just knows.  Several
days ago, a power strip went bad.  He, by himself:

1. Tried different places on the power strip
2. Swapped power cables around from working to non-working computers
3. Swapped plugged into a different power strip

I think he actually took a few other steps because the plugs were all
over the place, but he found the problem and fixed it so he could get
his one hour computer time without bothering anyone else to fix it.  I
told him next time, if he doesn't get me to help him, his time
troubleshooting, since it's so fun for him, counts toward his hour of
computer time...

If a kid wants to solve a problem with power, I don't think my son and
Lee's brother-in-law are the only ones that can figure it out.


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