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Barry Roberts blr at
Thu Jan 7 09:59:57 MST 2010

I'm currently researching this also.

I'm using a script on the shared kids desktop computer to log them out after
their alloted time is up.  It works ok, but I could never get timekpr to
work on Fedora, so I'm just using an old bash script.

I'm looking into adding some UbuntuCE packages (dansguardian, etc.) to the
kids computers and setting up an ipcop+advproxy/ipfire/
smoothwall router to keep them from staying up all night and surfing the

I've had dansguardian on a WRTSL54GS with packetprotector, but it was slow,
dg was a little flaky, and the last time I upgraded it (hoping to get
time-based restrictions) I think i killed it.  So I'm taking an old computer
and making a router out of it.

If anybody has any experience with which of the router distros are the best
for a concerned parent, I would like to hear your experiences.  I've about
decided on ipcop with advproxy.

On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 9:24 AM, Scott Jones <sanchiro at> wrote:

> I have a small home network with three young male users, ages 10 to 14, and
> two adults.
> It's becoming increasingly necessary for me to implement some type of
> network access control, based on merit, behavior, homework, etc. I need to
> be able to prescribe time controls as well as allow and revoke network
> logon
> and internet access privileges when local or remote. Moreover, the server
> runs ubuntu, while the three end user machines for these three gentlemen
> run
> windows XP pro. I'd like to have all their logons and time logged in
> loggable and controlable.
> Am I dreaming here, or are solutions possible to allow management of this?
> Scott
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