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Merrill Oveson moveson at
Thu Jan 7 09:40:29 MST 2010

A simple solution is called bob.

It plugs into wall then into the TV, or whatever.  You set the time of
day, time allowed, etc.
When the times up the power is cut.  (For a computer, plug it into the monitor.)

Each child has a password.  Parents have the admin password.

We use it and works great.
As an example: (you could do the same with a computer - only plug bob
into the monitor :-) )
The kids can't watch TV after 8:30 PM.  They can only watch 1/2 hour each.
No more nagging the kids to turn off the TV, then having to go and turn it off
then having to go back and turn it off again and scold them when
they've turned it back on.
The TV simply turns off.  If homework isn't done or they've been bad
or they need to go outside
and actually play where they use their little bodies, we control that.
If they're not happy, they can argue with bob.

On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 9:24 AM, Scott Jones <sanchiro at> wrote:
> I have a small home network with three young male users, ages 10 to 14, and
> two adults.
> It's becoming increasingly necessary for me to implement some type of
> network access control, based on merit, behavior, homework, etc. I need to
> be able to prescribe time controls as well as allow and revoke network logon
> and internet access privileges when local or remote. Moreover, the server
> runs ubuntu, while the three end user machines for these three gentlemen run
> windows XP pro. I'd like to have all their logons and time logged in
> loggable and controlable.
> Am I dreaming here, or are solutions possible to allow management of this?
> Scott
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