Network Control

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Thu Jan 7 09:29:35 MST 2010

On 07 Jan 2010, at 09:24, Scott Jones wrote:

> I have a small home network with three young male users, ages 10 to 14, and
> two adults.
> It's becoming increasingly necessary for me to implement some type of
> network access control, based on merit, behavior, homework, etc. I need to
> be able to prescribe time controls as well as allow and revoke network logon
> and internet access privileges when local or remote. Moreover, the server
> runs ubuntu, while the three end user machines for these three gentlemen run
> windows XP pro. I'd like to have all their logons and time logged in
> loggable and controlable.
> Am I dreaming here, or are solutions possible to allow management of this?

I am interested in this also.  I have my two boys on a Mac which has some excellent parental controls, but there are some glitches that make it annoying at times.  Plus, if they use a different computer they have full access.

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