January Meeting Ideas

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Mon Jan 4 14:06:04 MST 2010

Jessie Morris wrote:
> Stephen Shaw wrote:
>> If there are any arduino[0] gurus out there it would be cool to see
>> something on that.
> I was thinking the same thing, actually. I just received one for 
> Christmas. :)

Wow, what a great gift.  An Arduino beats just about everything on 
ThinkGeek. ;-)

Have you installed the Arduino IDE in Linux, and do you have any project 
ideas yet?  Build the blinking LED before doing anything complex.

Lately, I've been rekindling an old idea: I want to build a music box 
that strikes chimes using computer-controlled solenoids.  An Arduino 
would make the software very easy.


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