Virtual COM port on Linux

Shane Hathaway shane at
Tue Feb 23 09:25:10 MST 2010

Dave Smith wrote:
> Has anyone gotten a USB device that requires "Virtual COM Port" support 
> to work in Linux? I'm considering employing this relay[1] to perform a 
> nightly reboot of my pile-of-junk Comcast cable modem.

Assuming the serial controller on that board is supported by Linux, when 
you plug in the device to a computer running a recent distribution, 
you'll get a device called /dev/ttyUSB0, which you can use like an 
ordinary serial port.

OTOH, you might instead try a modem that is not a pile of junk.  I 
bought a Motorola SB6120 a month ago, for use with Comcast, and I've 
been quite happy.


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