Something More Than Cron

Justin Hileman justin at
Sat Feb 13 06:24:11 MST 2010

On Feb 13, 2010, at 6:47 AM, Shane Hathaway <shane at>  

> Hi PLUG,
> I'd like some suggestions for Unix/Linux software that does just a bit
> more than our old standby, cron.  I'd like:
> - A simple way to add new jobs (like cron)
> - A complete report of what was run and when (cron doesn't do this)
> - An email even if the job takes a long time (cron apparently doesn't
> send email if the job takes more than 5 minutes)
> - A way to disable jobs temporarily
> I want to run long jobs such as mysqldump and rsync from VPSs to a
> backup drive.  Maybe someone has already written a different version  
> of
> cron that does these things.  Thoughts?
> (I have played with various backup programs designed for archiving on
> tape, but I use rdiff-backup, not tape; the programs designed for tape
> seem too obtuse to be useful.  I just want to run trivial scripts.)

If I were starting a project like this, I would start with launchd,  
not cron.

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