disk burn in testing

Ryan Simpkins plug at ryansimpkins.com
Wed Feb 10 14:07:53 MST 2010

>> Steven Alligood wrote:
>> My company deploys more than 100 new drives per week,

> On Wed, February 10, 2010 11:31, Mike Lovell wrote:
> we also do more than a 100 disks per week.

Very impressive guys. That's ~5000+ drives a year. You guys must be sitting on
a ton of data. This data growth problem the industry is facing is off the
charts. No one wants to delete anything, and they want it all near-line at the
worst. I just did some quick 'back of napkin' calculations and gave up once I
counted 60,000 spinning disks. It isn't getting smaller.

Google put out this doc recently that is causing a lot of people to re-think
how they approach disk failures. It busts quite a few myths:


I would love to hear more about how Mike is using his disks. Are these in
desktop systems? Do the people you're buying disks from do any sort of
testing? Are they SATA? A gazillion questions.

My first reaction to the question was "Who does burn in on hard drives, isn't
that pointless?" After thinking about it some more, the answer probably
depends on the specific case. It might be fun to do a storage related PLUG
meeting. Or, maybe we can just meet up after a PLUG some night and talk shop.


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