Google wants to upgrade iProvo

Doran L. "Fozz" Barton fozz at
Wed Feb 10 11:59:58 MST 2010

On Wednesday 10 February 2010, Bart Whiteley proclaimed:
> Google is interested in deploying fiber-to-the-home broadband with 1
> gigabit per second speeds to selected communities in order to
> experiment with next-generation broadband applications and deployment
> techniques. [1]
> They have put out a request for information (RFI) [2] to identify
> interested communities.  Since Provo already has the fiber build-out
> (more or less) complete, I wonder if Provo would be a compelling
> candidate for Google to consider.  Perhaps they could partner with
> Veracity (the current stewards of iProvo).

You mean Broadweave. 

> Google is requesting information from both local governments, as well
> as community groups.  [3]  I think PLUG, as a community group, should
> respond to the RFI.

iProvo is already under the management of a private entity. I'm not personally 
aware of their finances, coverage, service profiles or anything like that. 

However, UTOPIA is in a mess. If Google is looking to see how their immense 
pockets could help an existing project and explore Fiber To The Premise at the 
same time, getting involved with UTOPIA is definitely the way to go. UTOPIA's 
scope is much larger than iProvo, for one thing. The goal was to provide FTTP 
to businesses and homes from Cedar City to Tremonton. 

I've already submitted information indicating my interest as a homeowner in 

If you do indicate interest, make sure you mention that Comcast and Qwest are 
effectively blocking access to other ISPs (like XMission, MStar, etc.) with 
their offerings. An open fiber offering like UTOPIA is what you want.

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