Google wants to upgrade iProvo

Mike Lovell mike at
Wed Feb 10 11:43:44 MST 2010

Bart Whiteley wrote:
> Google is interested in deploying fiber-to-the-home broadband with 1
> gigabit per second speeds to selected communities in order to
> experiment with next-generation broadband applications and deployment
> techniques. [1]
> They have put out a request for information (RFI) [2] to identify
> interested communities.  Since Provo already has the fiber build-out
> (more or less) complete, I wonder if Provo would be a compelling
> candidate for Google to consider.  Perhaps they could partner with
> Veracity (the current stewards of iProvo).
> Google is requesting information from both local governments, as well
> as community groups.  [3]  I think PLUG, as a community group, should
> respond to the RFI.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
i don't know if this is something that could happen to iProvo. afaik, it 
was essentially sold off to Broadweave last summer and they maintain 
control of the network. so they would have to approve google getting on 
board. maybe they would be cool with that. maybe not. it think the 
slightly better option for a something in utah would be utopia.


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