disk burn in testing

Mike Lovell mike at dev-zero.net
Wed Feb 10 11:35:41 MST 2010

Charles Curley wrote:
> On Tue, 09 Feb 2010 19:52:50 -0700
> Mike Lovell <mike at dev-zero.net> wrote:
>> does anyone have good recommendations as to some tools or utilities
>> to use for exercising or burning in new hard disks? where i work, we
>> buy *a lot* of disks and currently use a utility called thrash [1].
>> we just have it do a couple million random writes to the disk. but i
>> could use some other tools to test the disks in different ways as
>> well to get a better idea if the disk is going to hold up. i've
>> thought about using bonnie++ or iozone as well. what you any of you
>> use, if anything? thx.
> What are you testing for, and why are you testing for those things?
> Is there anything in the first list you can't test for with the
> on-board diagnostics, SMART?
right now, we are mainly just exercising the disk to see if it fails 
during the testing. back to a previous post i just made, we are trying 
to remove any disks that might fail soon after going into production.

we do pull some smart information from the disks and that seems to be 
somewhat useful.


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