ISP Recommendations - [Review of RapidWave Net Performance]

Corey Edwards tensai at
Tue Feb 9 14:22:20 MST 2010

Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> There is a pin-out in the manual that will reset the module to the default
> network settings and no passwords (while retaining all other settings). Since
> I don't own the module, I'm pretty sure rapidwave would not enjoy me fiddling
> around with it. So, that is not really an option.

The normal setting of the default plug is to set the IP and admin
settings temporarily (as long as the plug is inserted) to factory
defaults. That lets you get in and examine the configuration. There is
an option to have the default plug completely reset the unit, but unless
they've explicitly set it that way (which I doubt), you'd be safe.

The hardest part is finding a 6 pin connector.


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