ISP Recommendations - Digis?

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Fri Feb 5 23:43:22 MST 2010

The big issue is the limited amount of choice. RapidWave doesn't cover
my area (rural south utah county), and neither dsl nor cable reach my
location... thus it's either 56k Qwest dialup or Digis for me--so the
better of two evils.

I originally had radiowave (or something like that), which did not do
any sort of capping, but they were acquired by Digis.

Digis works "ok", as long as you don't exceed their insanely low
bandwidth thresholds and trigger their throttling, which btw throttles
to an unusable *128Kbps* for the remainder of the period (till
midnight or till the month ends, for daily limit or monthly limit

Worse, while in their throttled condition, they do not appropriately
apply QoS, so voip traffic (if you use voip--their's or anyone else's)
will not get any sort of priority, and becomes an unusable
service--hope you don't need 911 till after midnight.

Their highest residential plan "7Mbps" (5up/2down--since when can you
add both directions and call it 7Mbps anyways?) limits are at (when I
last checked) set at 2GB daily, 12GB monthly. Not very hard to exceed
with just a few hulu episodes, a few long voip calls, or a netflix
online-movie or two.

Do any amount of googling on Digis and you will find a large number of
threads discussing their throttling policies and overage pricing.
Their higher plans equate to highway robbery for additional bandwidth,
which would be considered a normal amount in today's day-and-age of
media-driven internet usage. I believe comcast's monthly bandwidth
allotment is upwards of around 250GB before any throttling...

That said, if all you do is browse the web and do email, it will
probably suffice.

Also, I do agree with others in that I have had good service from
their techs. Most are quite knowledgeable, and they have had
reasonably quick turnaround on issues. I have a free public static ip
(but that could be because I was grandfathered in from the prior
contract they acquired). When I called to have them set up the reverse
DNS delegation, they knew what it was, and had it done in less than
24hrs. Try that with comcast...

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