ISP Recommendations - Digis?

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Fri Feb 5 22:41:22 MST 2010

I'm sorry if I spawn another infamous ISP thread, but I need some help.

I'm in a pickle here. I'm in Lehi, far enough away from the CO that DSL isn't
a viable choice. I had been using Comcast with acceptable performance until
January. They've gone and done something seriously nasty to their network,
which probably won't surprise anyone here. The killer is latency, it is not
uncommon to see round-trips 3 times slower than it has been for the last three
years (on average).

I'm done fighting with them, so I want to find a new provider. Is anyone on
the list using Digis? Do you like it? Does latency suck? Can someone please
ping a few sites and see what you get? Are there other providers I should
check out?

Sites to check:

Feel free to send me stuff off-list to avoid walls of flame. ;-)


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