Heterogeneous File Sharing Recommendations?

James Lance james at thelances.net
Wed Feb 3 14:11:32 MST 2010

So my solution to this is setup multiple clients.

I have the base share setup in Samba, Netatalk and NFS.  It is a little more work, but each flavor offers great flexibility.  Getting to a netatalk share with a mac is a breeze, same with samba for windows.  I've had enough trouble in the past with samba shares suddenly not working for my Mac clients that it was worth offering netatalk.


On Feb 2, 2010, at 6:28 PM, Kimball Larsen wrote:

> At work we have several linux servers, a few (1 or 2 kicking around) windows boxen, and a bunch of macs.  For our file sharing needs on the lan I've historically just set up a samba share or 2 on one of my linux servers and things have just worked.
> Today they stopped just working. 
> I would bore you with the nitty-gritty details of OS X's new hatred towards the particular samba config I'm using, but I think that is ancillary to the question I really want to ask: 
> What other methods are there out there for simple file sharing on a private lan?
> My requirements are simple: I want all the computers on my lan to have easy access to a centralized share (i.e., support for windows, OS X, and linux clients).  I want this share to be hosted on one of my linux servers so it will integrate more easily with my backup system.  I don't care much about security - sensitive stuff is not stored there - more like "hey, I need those latest images" or "can you put up that disk image so I can burn 20 copies", etc.  I only really care that you can't see this share unless you are on the lan, as I pretty tightly control what devices are allowed on the lan in the first place. 
> Is Samba really my best option?  
> Is NFS more viable (how's windows support?)
> Should I pursue a netatalk setup?  Will this work for my windows clients?
> Is there something else I've not heard of that I really should try?
> Thanks!
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