Heterogeneous File Sharing Recommendations?

Kimball Larsen kimball at kimballlarsen.com
Tue Feb 2 20:11:38 MST 2010

On Feb 2, 2010, at 7:29 PM, John McCabe-Dansted wrote:

> On 2/3/10, Kimball Larsen <kimball at kimballlarsen.com> wrote:
>> What other methods are there out there for simple file sharing on a private
>> lan?
> One easy way of transferring files around is an httpd server with an
> upload script. I use the "File Upload Script" v6.00 by Jeffrey D.
> Carnahan.
> Personally I find ssh the easiest way of sending files around. On
> Ubuntu/Debian setting up a ssh server is as simple as:
>    sudo aptitude install openssh-server
> Presumably it is similarly easy to set it up on RedHat etc.
> Personally, I set "PasswordAuthentication" to no in
> /etc/ssh/sshd_config, which means that only clients that have access
> to a trusted private key can ssh in. This is a bit harder to set up,
> so you may want to just make sure that your passwords are hard to
> guess.
> Anyway, now you have an ssh server you just need clients. There are
> some nice GUIs for each of the three OSes you mentioned.
> Linux (nautilus/konqueror): http://www.linux.com/archive/feed/62254
> WIndows (WinSCP): http://winscp.net/
> MacOS X: http://superuser.com/questions/88161/whats-the-best-gui-scp-client-for-mac-os-x
> Hope this helps,


Thanks - this is helpful, though possibly not a viable alternative for my environment.  I forgot to mention the relative computer skill level of some of my users.  While I use shared keys and ssh / scp most of the time to throw files around on our network, the other users range in level of competency from someone who can get around a little in a shell to people who confuse their mouse with their sewing machine foot pedal. 

The really non-savvy users are all on macs, and they are used to their little icon that opens a finder window where they can drag their files.  Learning how to do the same thing using an SCP client may be a larger burden than they are willing to bear. 

However, I've set up scp file access using winscp  years ago before I was in a mostly mac environment, and was able to teach the folks there how to use it... so I'll definitely see how the various gui apps have progressed in the last 7ish years (since I last used them)


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