Remote Cable modem reboot (hard)

Dave Smith dave at
Mon Feb 1 10:31:04 MST 2010

I have used high-end remote power controllers in the past from Pulizzi 
and Eaton, but now I want one that is cheap, simple and easily 
controllable by Linux. We have a Comcast cable modem at work, and it 
needs the occasional reboot to stay happy (ah, fond memories of Windows 
95). My particular modem (SMC8014) doesn't appear to have a wget'able 
reboot URL, and I want to cold-reboot it anyway.

What have you used for remote power control on the cheap (under $100)? 
I've heard of X10 being used for this sort of thing, but I don't know 
how controllable it would be from, e.g., a shell script.


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