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> >
> > What about just rebooting? Does that not fix it?
> Rebooting does not fix it.

I take it you mean a warm reboot, I.e. "shutdown -r now". How about a
complete shutdown ("shutdown -h now"), to power off, wait 15 minutes,
then power up?


> Hardware is not a strength of mine but I've had the software
> indicate to me
> that active memory might be a problem.

Active memory? Do you mean RAM?

> I also had indications that
> the hard drive was corrupted. I work for Alpine School District. I
> took the machine into the district to have them look at it. They
> replaced the hard drive but I don't think they looked at active
> memory. Could it be a memory problem?

It could be, but you would likely see other problems as well. If you
have a fairly modern Linux, you should have memtest86 available on the
boot menu; if not you may be able to install it from your
distribution's repos.

As for hard drive issues, install gsmartcontrol and use that to run the
Extended Self-test. This test will do a surface scan and detect errors
that badblocks will not catch.

> I've only got Linux on the
> machine right now. As a last resort, I may try duel booting Windows
> and Linux to see if that fixes the problem.

That could make the problem worse. :-)


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