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Russel Caldwell caldr704 at
Fri Dec 31 15:40:19 MST 2010

> What about just rebooting? Does that not fix it?

Rebooting does not fix it.

> If rebooting doesn't
> fix it, then I doubt reloading the drivers would either, as they are
> [re]loaded at boot. It is not strange to have a wireless card crap out
> on a running linux system. It is odd for it to stay crapped out through
> reboots or driver reloads, however. Especially strange that reinstall
> and livecd fix the problem. Sounds like it might be a config or driver
> is actually getting corrupted in your install somehow. There have been
> some kernel updates in the last month or so, maybe you've been
> experiencing kernel updates that break your driver until a reinstall?
> Hardware is not a strength of mine but I've had the software indicate to me
that active memory might be a problem. I also had indications that the hard
drive was corrupted. I work for Alpine School District. I took the machine
into the district to have them look at it. They replaced the hard drive but
I don't think they looked at active memory. Could it be a memory problem?
I've only got Linux on the machine right now. As a last resort, I may try
duel booting Windows and Linux to see if that fixes the problem.

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