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<quote name="Russel Caldwell" date="Fri, 31 Dec 2010 at 13:40 -0700">
> I have a HP Compaq 6710b laptop with Ubuntu 10 installed. A few weeks ago
> the network connection just stopped working. There's a button on the top of
> the keyboard that turns the Internet connection on and off when you press
> it. It basically just stopped functioning. I reinstalled Ubuntu and it
> started working again for  a few weeks but now it's down again. When I mount
> a live CD it works. Does anybody know how I can get it working again without
> reinstalling?

What about just rebooting? Does that not fix it? If rebooting doesn't
fix it, then I doubt reloading the drivers would either, as they are
[re]loaded at boot. It is not strange to have a wireless card crap out
on a running linux system. It is odd for it to stay crapped out through
reboots or driver reloads, however. Especially strange that reinstall
and livecd fix the problem. Sounds like it might be a config or driver
is actually getting corrupted in your install somehow. There have been
some kernel updates in the last month or so, maybe you've been
experiencing kernel updates that break your driver until a reinstall?

The last kernel update on my fedora laptop completely trashed my nvidia
driver. Took me over an hour to get it back, though I guess probably
half the time was trying to get WPA wireless to work from the CLI. Never
did figure that one out, just gave up and plugged it in. :/ Anyway, if I
wasn't as extremely comfortable as I am in linux I probably would have
reinstalled. I still might have if I had the storage lying around to
backup my home dir.
Von Fugal
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