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> I have a HP Compaq 6710b laptop with Ubuntu 10 installed. A few weeks
> ago the network connection just stopped working. There's a button on
> the top of the keyboard that turns the Internet connection on and off
> when you press it. It basically just stopped functioning. I
> reinstalled Ubuntu and it started working again for  a few weeks but
> now it's down again. When I mount a live CD it works. Does anybody
> know how I can get it working again without reinstalling?

Wired? Wireless? Chipset? Driver? Ubuntu 10.4 "good buddy" or Ubuntu
10.10 "mendacious meerkat"?

Many wireless devices use proprietary binary blobs, which can be buggy.
Often removing the device driver and reloading it will clear those. As

rmmod foo && modprobe foo

where foo is the name of the device driver module.


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