Bind9 or DNSMasq

Tarrant tarrant at
Wed Dec 22 21:50:13 MST 2010

On 12/22/10 9:23 PM, Make Compile wrote:
> I've decided to have BIND as DNS server. How can i achieve to have slave dns server?
> I'm running debian lenny as master bind dns i wanted to have slave dns for the backup in case master is down. tnx

The easiest way to find that out is to google.

The long answer is in the conf file on the slave server stick:
        zone "" IN {
                        type slave;
                        file "/var/cache/bind/slave/";
                        masters { };

for each each zone mirrored and in the master put:

zone "localhost" IN {
                type master;
                notify yes; // This line in each of your master zones
                file "/var/cache/bind/pri/localhost";

and make sure you list the slave as one of the authoritative servers in
the zone file for your domain:


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